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Providing Doula Support through 
Pregnancy, Birth and Early Days

I love my job.   My friends and family hear me say it all the time!


I love being a Birth and Postnatal Doula and the fact that it makes such a positive difference, statistically and evidentially to my clients is just the icing on the cake.

Research shows that having a Doula present at the birth significantly reduces complications and additionally:

  • shorten labours by 25%

  • reduces the need for pain relief 30%

  • reduction in epidural uptake by 75%

  • reduction in ceasarian rate by 50%

*Source-studies from Evidence Based Birth & Birthhub*​

A Birth Doula researches, listens and provides constant, calm support to you and any birthing partner you choose before, during and just after your special birthing experience. 

A Postnatal Doula will do any household task you need to regain your sense of calm.  Tidy, wash, cook, clean, hold your precious baby while you shower, or take the rubbish out.  I'm also a very good listener, and can be your strength and support in the times that you need it.  I've been told I make a great omelette - high praise indeed from 2 very discerning 2 and 4 year olds!


Carla went above and beyond for us, completely changing my mindset, and ensuring our needs as a couple were met so that birth was a positive and beautiful experience for us both. Danni

It was great to have someone to discuss anything and everything with prior to the birth and Carla was constantly researching things for me, checking in on me and giving me loads of great information.  Lizzie

Carla would check in every day with us both, with encouraging thoughts, and was always there if we had any questions, and would always deliver, with thorough knowledge and extensive research behind the answers.

We consider ourselves as a couple to be a strong team, but Carla just amplified that. Alex

Carla had already been an incredible support to our family and having her continue with us on our journey has been invaluable. Jen

To quote Christiane Northrup MD:

​“A Doula enters the space of a labouring woman and is highly responsive and aware of her needs, moods, changes and unspoken feelings. She has no need to control or smother, every pregnant woman should have the benefits of a Doula”

Every woman deserves a Doula and there is a Doula for every woman

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