When thinking about booking a Doula for birth and postnatal support  it used to be the physical presence that may have first come to mind.  Well for a while now, unless a Doula is your sole birth partner, hospital trusts have felt it unsafe to allow 2nd birth partners.  I wont get into discussion about that here because a Doula's job is always to work out the ways forward.


Give a Doula an obstacle and she will find a choice of solutions for you and let you explore which option you feel most comfortably suits you.


Coronavirus is no different.  I have supported several birthing clients in different virtual ways throughout labour and birth.  And I have also supported in person when my clients opt for home births.  I have worked with amazing Midwives this way who recognise that having a Doula present can minimise the time the Midwife needs to be there. 


But it is always Your birth - Your choice

Everything has been about preparation for whatever your choice of birth situation - prepare for what the circumstances might be for each situation and you know how to deal with it.  If you cant have your chosen support physically with you all the time that you want them then we have discussed a compromise that you know will help.

We will have completed enough antenatal classes so that you  are prepared  for what is happening, have the knowledge to understand what stage you are at, and to know what your choices would be in any given situation. 


Empowerment is the key gift a Doula gives their clients.

I can help you through the early stages of labour at home so that you know that by the time you get to hospital your partner is likely to be able to stay with you to support you.  I will still be there, virtually - which is still supportive - even if the Trust you choose will not allow 2nd partners.


As for Postnatally - never underestimated what a Doula can do via videocall with breast feeding support, or how much research I can do into reflux, or cranial osteopathy or even holistic sleep coaching.  Support and encouragement via a phone call is no less helpful than in person and you may feel more able to talk things through when you don't necessarily have to face someone.

You choose the frequency and best method of your support, and between us we will work out exactly what your unique needs will be.

I passionately believe Doulas are now needed more than ever.

Stay well and safe. DoulaCarla

Carla has been the most tremendous help to me and my husband. Despite the current lockdown with Covid, Carla has been available 24/7 with support, information and care. Days I have been lonely she has called and boosted my moral. When I have had any issues or questions she has messaged back with so much helpful information that we wouldn’t have found ourselves.  Eleanor

Dani:   Carla went above and beyond for us, completely changing my mindset, and ensuring our needs as a couple were met so that birth was a positive and beautiful experience for us both. 

Jen:   After staying with my family for support as our baby girl had reflux, we came home as my parents needed to self isolate and my partner was still working. Carla had already been an incredible support to our family and having her continue with us on our journey has been invaluable.


Being able to video chat and message is so useful and reasurring. It's lovely having someone you feel is like a friend with specialist knowledge and training. Being an anxious mum it's very reasurring to know that additional support is there whenever it's needed. Carla goes above and beyond and we are very grateful to have someone else we trust to link in with. Her great sense of humour and kindness are just a few of her lovely qualities.

Providing Doula Support through

Pregnancy, Birth and Early Days

I gave birth in the days pre Doula and now realise what a different experience it would have been if I had had the knowledge I have now and had received the kind of support a Doula provides. 


My children are the best things that have ever come into my life, but their births were not the experiences I can feel good about.  Medically faultless, it was as I discovered the world of Doulas I realised how much improved those experiences could have been. 


The more I learnt from these wonderful people the more I came to passionately believe that as a Doula I can provide physical, emotional and informational support that makes a life-changingly positive and powerful difference. 

Research shows that having a Doula present at the birth significantly reduces complications and additionally:

  • shorten labours by 25%

  • reduces the need for pain relief 30%

  • reduction in epidural uptake by 75%

  • reduction in ceasarian rate by 50%

*Source-studies from Evidence Based Birth & Birthhub*​

As your Birth Doula I would be your researcher and listening ear prior to the birth and provide constant, calm support to you and any birthing partner you may have during your birthing experience.  I will arm you with knowledge about all the things that you want to know about birth, including helping you learn ways of improving your experience that you didn't even know about. I will be there to protect your space, if you have a partner I will ensure that you will feel like the dream team and I will provide protection to let you work together, maybe even nudging your companion to provide the things you need at the time that you need them, I am intuitive like that. 

A Doula's voice soothes you, it makes sure you are reassured and calm but it does not intrude into your space.

To quote Christiane Northrup MD:

​“A Doula enters the space of a labouring woman and is highly responsive and aware of her needs, moods, changes and unspoken feelings. She has no need to control or smother, every pregnant woman should have the benefits of a Doula”

Every woman deserves a Doula and there is a Doula for every woman

Carla Walsh


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