Hypnobirthing - Either as part of the whole birthing package or as a stand alone course, hypnobirthing will teach you the skills of relaxation and the understanding of its benefits.  

What is Hypnobirthing and how can it help?

My hypnobirthing course will give you the skills to reach a state of deep relaxation that will in turn enable your body to perform at its best during birth.  Relaxation maximises the release of all the helpful birthing hormones and keeps away the hormones that will negatively impact your journey.  It also gives you a much more positive state of mind in which to approach labour and birth, and will reassure you that your body is designed for birth.  

Hypnobirthing is not magic, I can demonstrate to you exactly how and why it works, and show you the science behind it all.

The course will also help you to understand what to expect through labour and birth and also how your birthing partner (should you choose one) can help you throughout it all.  Often it is the partner who feels more lost and unprepared about the birthing experience, but with my hypnobirthing course they are involved throughout and will ultimately feel prepared and able to know just how valuable they will be to the birthing persons progress.

The course is not just for those who choose a physiological birth, but can help you prepare and feel in control whatever path you have chosen to bring your baby into this world.

Hypnobirthing puts you back in touch with the physical knowledge that you were born with, and helps your brain relax and trust in your body.

'After completing the hypnobirthing course we did with Carla, my partner and I felt completely confidence with what was to come.

Carla addressed every issue we were particularly anxious about or didnt have much knowledge on and taught us a range of different techniques to keep our thoughts positive and our minds relaxed.'  KITTY





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