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Overnight support

Postnatal Doula overnight - I can give you, and your family, the opportunity to catch up with well needed sleep.  I can take over the feeds, or bring your baby to you, but essentially I will allow you to sleep.  To catch up from labour, to cope with a newborn, to rest and recover. 


Beautiful restorative sleep can be yours.

Overnight newborn support

As your overnight postnatal doula I take care of your newborn for 12 hours - that means you could eat with your partner and family, you can sit and relax and recover from your day.  You can go to bed when you want and sleep an unbroken nights' sleep.  If you are chest or breast feeding then I would wake you when your baby is ready to be fed and allow you the time to feed him or her.  That's all you would do, I would change and wind them, rock or comfort them, and settle them back to sleep.  Depending on how little your little one is, you would probably have about 2 - 3 disturbances through the night but the time would be kept to a minimum and you would be able to settle straight back to sleep after the feed.

The job of a doula is rewarding in all its aspects, but to greet new parents in the morning after their first good nights' of sleep is a wonderful thing to behold.

'Carla stayed with my family for support as our baby girl had reflux.  We were all able to get a break and catch up on much needed sleep.

Its lovely having someone you feel is like a friend with specialist knowledge and training.  Being an anxious mum, its very reassuring to know that additional support is there whenever it's needed.  Carla goes above and beyond and we are very grateful to have someone else we trust to link in with.  Her great sense of humour and kindness are just a few of her lovely qualities.'  Jen





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