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Birth Doula Services

Birth package - Given the high demand for our services, I'm pleased to introduce an option for shared care alongside my doula colleague, Suzie

Shared care involves two doulas collaborating to provide comprehensive support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth, each contributing their unique expertise and capabilities.


Throughout the prenatal sessions, both of us will be present, ensuring you have equal opportunity to build rapport with each of us. Additionally, we will both be on-call for your birth, guaranteeing you the presence of a familiar and trusted support person. This approach eliminates the need for emergency backups whom you may not know.


In the event of an extended labour, we can seamlessly alternate, ensuring you consistently receive support from a familiar doula best suited to your needs. Importantly, the fee remains unchanged from individual hires, providing you with the benefit of two exceptional doulas for the price of one.


All the antenatal sessions are extremely comprehensive and include biomechanics and hypnobirthing in the package.


We will help you prepare in every way possible.  To have a positive birth experience doesn't mean that you have to birth in any particular way, but what you do have to do is feel in control. 


In control of your decisions because you have been informed about every choice you might have to make. 


In control of letting your body do the very thing it is designed to do. 


And in control of how you decide to welcome your child into the world.


Throughout the antenatal classes you will be fully informed and empowered, and that you have all the information and support you need to help you make decisions about your birthing choices.  You will have had the opportunity to consider all the options that may present themselves so that nothing will surprise you, or take away your sense of control and your decision options.  During labour and birth we will also protect your space (and your partner if you want one) to make sure that you can get on with the most positive birth experience.

BIRTH PACKAGE COSTS                                    £1,300


7-10 hours antenatal

Hypnobirthing & Biomechanics                                

WhatsApp support throughout & adhoc research                

On Call and Birth                                                    


Payments to be made in 2 instalments but can be adjusted if required.  Ask for more details.

sam, emily and frankie.jpeg

'My husband and I initially sought a doula to help provide emotional support during a long tried for pregnancy which followed a devastating miscarriage. Our pregnancy was high risk due to heavy bleeding up until 16 weeks which led to us being constantly anxious. On top of this my husband had a kidney transplant and the March 2020 COVID-19 lockdown hit. To say our stress levels were high would be an understatement! Carla was a rock of constant support and reassurance during a time when the NHS was too stretched to provide the emotional support we needed. We started with weekly zoom calls where Carla would research every query on our behalf and helped us form a thorough and informed birth plan in preparation for our home birth. When the birth arrived, Carla was firm when necessary to ensure our birth plan and choices were respected. She worked fantastically with the midwives to use alternative methods including clary sage oil to help contractions at the pushing stage and respecting the “rest and be thankful” stage. But best of all, Carla delivered a 5 star back massage continuously throughout my labour which was simply wonderful and exactly what was needed at the time! Following the most perfect home birth, our son required assistance with his breathing and I suffered from a retained placenta and blood loss. Carla remained calm, assisted the midwives and called for ambulances as necessary. She helped liaise with the medical staff to ensure the safe transfer of our son and I whilst she stayed behind with my mum to tidy the house and deflate the birthing pool. Whilst our birth story had a bit of a whirlwind ending, the handling of the situation demonstrates Carla’s skills as a doula and my husband and I still regard the actual birth itself as totally calm and beautiful; it was simply the most perfect event. We will forever be in debt to Carla. Thank you for giving us the honour of having you as our doula and hypnobirthing teacher. You have given us the most priceless gift; a beautiful, calm and serene home birth which we will treasure forever.' - Emily, Sam and Baby Frankie 

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