Free Consultation 

Free initial meeting so that you can tell me your ideas and thoughts about your forthcoming birth experience.  It will be your opportunity to talk to me about your initial hopes and fears and to see how comfortable you feel with me, and my opportunity to explain what I can offer to support you through your fears, and to help you start to visualise your hopes.

Phone & Email Support 

Birth Doula - If you need me, I'm there.  I'm available via email and/or telephone, and now use Zoom and other video resources to make contact even easier.  This type of support is always available in the build up to the birth.  During my 'on call' time I am available 24/7 - if I'm in a poor signal area I will always give you a back up number to contact me.

Postnatal Doula - My drive is to support you as the Birthing person, I will do whatever it is that ensures you are fed, well and happy and together we'll work out the most useful times that suit you.  I can either keep the everyday stuff going while you bond with your newborn, or let you sleep while you know that your precious charge is in safe hands.

Postnatal Doula overnight - I can give you, and your family, the opportunity to catch up with well needed sleep.  I can take over the feeds, or bring your baby to you, but essentially I will allow you to sleep a few nights a week - particularly useful if you've had a long birthing experience.

At least 3 Antenatal Visits 

This is when we can explore your ideas, how you feel your birth should be, and your hopes and dreams for the arrival of your child - or maybe, children! 

I will help you prepare for your birth experience, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Whatever you particularly want to know - I will find out for you.

On Call 

I am available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from 14 days before your EDD until you give birth.  I wont travel longer that one hour away from you during this period and if by any chance I am in a poor signal area I will always make sure you have an alternative number to contact me.

During labour 

 You always have the option of privacy in the initial stages to potter or grab precious rest in the early pattern of your labour, as it is entirely up to you whether I'm physically there or poised by the phone.  But when you want me there I will be - and I'll stay until you are settled and comfortable and enjoying time alone with your new family.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

It can be a tricky time, but maybe all you need is a gentle nudge in the right direction, or possibly a lot of practice.  Doulas can help give one to one help and guidance so that you can consistently learn how to cope, just you and your baby - or two!  

Postnatal Doulas will visit regularly to ensure that any issues are resolved, stumbling blocks dismissed without a backward glance, expert or medical help is sought if needed and your baby is thriving.  Reassurance can go a long way.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

This will be your opportunity to talk through your experience, to debrief if you wish.

You can discuss and explore your feelings and thoughts throughout the process, and reflect on how the experience has impacted you and your own expectations.

Post birth visits can also help you and your family to adjust to your new world, or to catch up on rest, or simply to have a break. 

This can include overnight help if you feel it would help.

Cost information

Birth and Post Natal packages can be individually tailor made - to suit your needs - and I can arrange for instalment payments if that's easier for you - just ask.

I am currently nearing completion of my mentorship through the Doula UK recognition process and therefore I am providing my support as a birth Doula at a reduced price (please get in touch to find out about pricing). My mentor is Sarah Sayer who has been a Doula for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience.

I am very happy to discuss your own personal needs and we can work together to get a tailor made service designed exactly for you.

A deposit, payable on booking makes sure its secured and the balance is payable prior to my on call period.


In order to ensure that birthing clients get ALL the support they need whilst ensuring they are protected from exposure to the virus I have adapted my service completely.

I am able to offer everything as before, except for the physical hand holding.

I have devised some packages for clients to choose from but they all have one thing in common - I will make sure that you are prepared, informed and positive about whatever situation you may face when it comes to giving birth.  Now more than ever it is vital that you feel confident and calm and have the knowledge that you can trust your body, and your midwife!

My service, as always, will be tailored to whatever you need.  I also have examples of positive recent stories that will reassure you.  Please do get in touch on 07860579199.

I found Carla's details via the Rescue Pack created by the Positive Birth Company, aimed at expectant mums during Covid-19.  I was due to have a homebirth with my third baby but wanted to have a back up plan in place in case I needed to be transferred to hospital and had to go in alone, leaving my husband at home with the other children.  I was already extremely anxious about the birth and all of the uncertainty around the situation with Covid had only served to heighten this, plus I was feeling really upset as I could no longer have my mum with me for the birth.

From my very first contact with Carla she was so sympathetic to our situation and really understood how I was feeling.  She spent a lot of time on our first video call asking lots of questions about me, my previous labours etc and I was impressed how thorough she was.

Ahead of my due date Carla and I had some further video calls and I found great reassurance in these.  Carla was so helpful in making some very practical suggestions about ways in which I could help prepare myself for the birth and helped me to see where I needed to make some changes to my mindset to manage my anxiety.

In the end, due to a bit of a clash of due dates with another lady Carla was supporting, Carla wasnt able to be my support on the day itself but she went above and beyond in finding an alternative doula for me and introducing us via video call.  I was so grateful to Carla for this.  After finally having our baby, a little girl, I got in contact again just to let her know and was so touched by her messages back of support and congratulations.  

Before the pandemic I would honestly probably never have thought about contacting a doula but I am so glad I did.  Meeting Carla - albeit virtually - was such an insight into the service doulas offer and I would definitely use one again if I were to have another baby - in fact I found the experience so inspiring it genuinely makes me want to become a doula myself!            Kirsty

As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks

Your Midwife is an extremely highly trained and experienced professional who will ensure that your birth is the safest possible for both you and your child.  Doulas work with Midwives to ensure that all parts of the birth journey are covered and that you have the best possible experience.

Make decisions for you 

You are the empowered individual, that is my aim and my purpose, to ensure that you have all the facts about risks and benefits, options and choices that you can make your own decision with confidence and clarity.

Recommend my opinion on your choices

I will not disempower you, I will respect your wishes, I will uphold your requests and I will do my very best to ensure that those desired wishes are known.

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

I will not judge.  Your decision about your birth is final.  Your ideas and your beliefs will always be respected and valued by me, and any other Doula you choose.   A Doula is never judgemental.

Carla Walsh


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Address: Shaftesbury, Dorset, United Kingdom