Birth Doula - I will help you prepare in every way possible.  To have a positive birth experience doesnt mean that you have to birth in any particular way, what you do have to do is feel in control.  In control of your decisions because you have been informed about every choice you might have to make.  In control of letting your body do the very thing it is designed to do.  And in control of how you decide to welcome your child into the world - I will make sure that you have all the information and support you need, plus protect your space (and your partner if you want one) to make sure that you can get on with the most positive birth experience.

Postnatal Doula - I can help you in whatever way you feel you need.  I would start as soon as you wish after your baby is born, and I will support you, listen to you, hold your baby while you rest/wash/eat or cook/clean/wash/tidy/iron....entertain siblings, walk dogs, feed cats and goldfish, or maybe water your plants.  I can help with breastfeeding, find sleep suggestions and specialists, find osteopaths, tongue tie specialists and get you as much information as you need on any concerns you may have.  I offer you peace of mind and space so that you, and your family can welcome and get to know your new baby.

Postnatal Doula overnight - I can give you, and your family, the opportunity to catch up with well needed sleep.  I can take over the feeds, or bring your baby to you, but essentially I will allow you to sleep a few nights a week - particularly useful if you've had a long birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing - Either as part of the whole Doula package or stand alone, I offer a complete Hypnobirthing course which will teach you the skills of relaxation and the understanding of its benefits.  Evidence shows the benefits of hypnobirthing - and the course can be individually tailored to your needs.

Fear Transformation - From phobias to anxiety this course can help you find a way out of the mindset, and can give you relief from problems and provide you with your own solutions.


In order to ensure that birthing clients get ALL the support they need whilst ensuring they are protected from exposure to the virus I have adapted my service completely.

I am able to offer everything as before, except for the physical hand holding.

I have devised some packages for clients to choose from but they all have one thing in common - I will make sure that you are prepared, informed and positive about whatever situation you may face when it comes to giving birth.  Now more than ever it is vital that you feel confident and calm and have the knowledge that you can trust your body, and your midwife!

My service, as always, will be tailored to whatever you need.  I also have examples of positive recent stories that will reassure you.  Please do get in touch on 07860579199.

Package information

Birth - a birth package includes all antenatal meetings plus at least 1 postnatal meeting,  2 weeks on call before your Estimated Due Date until your baby is born, and attending the birth (hopefully in the physical presence!).  Birth prices are payable by instalments. 

Post Natal - minimum 3 hours please.  Overnight stays also possible.

Hypnobirthing - I can run individual courses for birthing person and support/partner or Group courses with no more than 3 couples currently. 

If Hypnobirthing is booked alongside Birth Doula I am able to offer a special rate for both packages.

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I found Carla's details via the Rescue Pack created by the Positive Birth Company, aimed at expectant mums during Covid-19.  I was due to have a homebirth with my third baby but wanted to have a back up plan in place in case I needed to be transferred to hospital and had to go in alone, leaving my husband at home with the other children.  I was already extremely anxious about the birth and all of the uncertainty around the situation with Covid had only served to heighten this, plus I was feeling really upset as I could no longer have my mum with me for the birth.

From my very first contact with Carla she was so sympathetic to our situation and really understood how I was feeling.  She spent a lot of time on our first video call asking lots of questions about me, my previous labours etc and I was impressed how thorough she was.

Ahead of my due date Carla and I had some further video calls and I found great reassurance in these.  Carla was so helpful in making some very practical suggestions about ways in which I could help prepare myself for the birth and helped me to see where I needed to make some changes to my mindset to manage my anxiety.

 After finally having our baby, a little girl, I got in contact again just to let her know and was so touched by her messages back of support and congratulations.  

Before the pandemic I would honestly probably never have thought about contacting a doula but I am so glad I did.  Meeting Carla - albeit virtually - was such an insight into the service doulas offer and I would definitely use one again if I were to have another baby - in fact I found the experience so inspiring it genuinely makes me want to become a doula myself!            Kirsty


Over this rather tricky period I have realised that birthing people may need additional support.  I am therefore now offering individual support in a variety of ways...

  • I can help you put together a birth preferences list based on research and evidence to help you make your decisions.

  • I can train your birth partner to be the best support you could ever have so that if circumstances cause it to be just you two at the birth, no doula or mother/sister/friend allowed, then you will still be the A team and you will have all the support you need.

  • Birth hospital bag - I can help you know exactly what to put in the bag to ensure you, and your partner, are not hungry and are comfortable throughout, no matter how long your baby takes to arrive.      

Contact me for further information :)​


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1st Hypnobirthing Clients - taken from Instagram post:

We couldn’t have done it without you, from the moment we met you till the very end you were always there guiding us, educating us, supporting us, making us laugh, making us tea, massaging one of us (not me) and talking us through every step of the way with your soothing voice!! Thanks so much!! We will never forget this amazing home birth experience Sam

I can’t echo Sam’s words enough. You have given us the most priceless gift of a beautiful, serene home birth that we will truly treasure forever. Words cannot describe our feelings ️️ xx Emily