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About me

My Story

I live in Shaftesbury, Dorset - the town where the little boy pushed his bike up the hill in the Hovis ad!  Its a very beautiful place to live and within easy reach of Bath along to Bournemouth, Salisbury to Yeovil, Dorchester and anywhere that needs a Doula in between.

When I gave birth I didn't question anything, I didn't really know what was happening nor did I understand the various medical decisions that were made.  I am not criticising the treatment I received but when I look back I was poorly equipped in my own knowledge of birth.

It made me become passionate that birthing individuals should know what's happening and why decisions are made during the birthing process, and this is my driving force as a Doula.

I trained with BirthBliss Academy, run by Kicki Hansard, and the course is a Doula UK accredited course.

I have been working as a mentored Doula to help birthing parents and postnatal clients since May 2019 and I am currently mentored by highly experienced Doulas who are there to call on if I need their wisdom.  I have a wide experience of all types of Doula work including Birth and Postnatal support including overnight stays, birth preparation sessions and postnatal debriefs.  I am happy to carry out almost any household task that will help give new parents the time to adjust to their new life – though my car maintenance and pavlova-making skills leave a little to be desired. 

Every woman should know her strength.

The early days following birth can be tricky, establishing feeding, catching up on sleep and staring in wonder at the miracle that has just arrived.  Parents should be able to concentrate entirely on these 3 vital tasks - that's where a postnatal Doula is in her element.  Ensuring that while you and your baby get to know each other, the house doesn't fall into disarray and food is still provided, or you can get some sleep knowing your newborn is in safe hands.

Every parent needs time to adjust to the changes.

This local Blog goes some way to explaining what Doulas do and it features me!

My Training
DOULA TRAINING - Birth and Postnatal

BirthBliss Academy May 2019

HYPNOBIRTHING -   October 2020.  I am a qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner, having trained with Dani Diosi, Mama Serene.  I'm completely sold on its benefits in birth, and Dani Diosi's course is, for me, the bees knees of courses.  I love putting into practice either in groups or individually.  Ask me for details.


Lucy Hewitt's wonderful course that will transform your fears into something manageable and fearless. Please speak to me for details.

3 Step Rewind - May 2021

Dani Diosi training again - love her training - and I can now offer Fear Resolution in 2 ways.  It appears that there have been alot of sadness coming out of recent times and I'm here to help you resolve those emotions attached to birth memories.


A Doula reminds you to breath, and to eat, and drink, and to move.

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