Postnatal Support

Postnatal Doula - I can help you in whatever way you feel you need.  I start as soon as you wish after your baby is born, and I will support you, listen to you, hold your baby while you rest/wash/eat or cook/clean/wash/tidy/iron....entertain siblings, walk dogs, feed cats and goldfish, or maybe water your plants.  I can help with breastfeeding, find sleep suggestions and specialists, find osteopaths, tongue tie specialists and get you as much information as you need on any concerns you may have.  I offer you peace of mind and space so that you, and your family can welcome and get to know your new baby.

Adjusting to your new member of the family

'Carla has helped me so much in the transition form 2 to 3 children.  What would have been a very tough time has been eased by her visits to provide sanity for me entertainment for the older children, and an extra pair of hands.  We all look forward to her visits and the children ask me often when she is coming!  Having moved areas while pregnant and having no family nearby, I don't think I would have managed without her.  Highly recommend both Carla and postnatal Doulas in general for helping to make the postnatal period enjoyable and manageable?'  Becca

'From the very start Carla was so helpful and genuine. We felt immediately at ease and she helped us greatly. We hadn't planned to hire a Doula but due to complications during our child's birth we soon realized we would require extra help. As well as helping to look after our baby she also helped my Wife and I with relaxation techniques. She also was able to help with cooking and cleaning. We would definitely recommend Carla.'  Sam





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