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Lockdown births

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

The Coronavirus has created a situation that no one could imagine, and for a minute or two it left a lot of us at a bit of a loss. However, to prove that Doulas are adaptable, and that we never give up, we have invented virtual birth support - and it works!! We are able to be with birthing women who have to be alone until in established labour, having surges but not determined as in active labour. I have supported 2 such clients within the last 2 weeks and they say its made a difference, they found it helped, and they coped with a difficult situation like true warrior women. We are still able to provide support and reassurance to birthing partners, to ensure that the birthing person stays where in their chosen state of mind, and that they feel protected and understood.

Each said that they had a truly positive birth experience and partners too. It is possible to provide care, support, comfort and soothe just using your voice and your words, and although I think I can speak for every Doula when I say that we cant wait for restrictions to be lifted - and how passionately we believe they need to be - in the meantime, we can help and we can make the positive difference. Still loving my job....Happy little lockdown sailor :)

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